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Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile

CUPWATER.COM is a concept of Jant Services Sdn Bhd to provide customer a one stop ordering and delivery service. CUPWATER.COM is not only a site to provide convenience of ordering and delivery service online, but also a site to educate our viewers. Our blogs serve the purpose of providing useful information for our viewer regarding food and beverage news.

Types of water

Jant Services Sdn Bhd was established in year 2004 with the vision of providing excellent customer service and door step delivery for our customers. Jant Services Sdn Bhd is the major distributor of "JANTZEN" brand products. Reverse Osmosis (RO) Cup water was the first product which started Jant Services Sdn Bhd. To raise the competitive bar in the cup water market, we co-operated with our manufacturer and come out with the idea to attach straw with each cupwater which provide a more hygienic and convenient way of serving customer.

Our management strongly believe in using information technology (IT) to drive our business. We consulted and adopted our Customer Relationship Management System from Jant Marketing Sdn Bhd which has already proven its effectiveness in managing customer order. With this IT, Keeping track of our customers' delivery, billing and order details is made easy.

Types of waterIn year 2009, Jant Services adopted its second product line which is the PET bottle which comes in 500mL and 1.5L sizes. This product quickly became popular amongst all our current customers as we are able to meet their demand for this product. In 2011, In sync with the green environment movement, we changed our bottle design into the new Jantzen "Eco bottle" design which is smaller, lighter but uses less plastic to produce - to lessen the carbon foot print in our environment.

Our third product line started to sell In year 2012, which is the 6L bottle. This product is made with dual functionality; conventional way of using it by pouring the water into a glass/cup or the new way which is used together with dispensers. It's the 6L bottle cap is specially designed to be able to fit with all water dispensers to provide the convenience of lighter bottle (compared to 19L) and also hot or cold water at your finger tips.

We at Jant Services Sdn. Bhd. constantly strive to provide the best quality product and services to all of our customers with affordable value. That is the core of our management.

One of our vision is to provide customer with "Hassle Free" service:

  • Hassle Free Delivery Service
    We provide free delivery service to your doorstep within Klang Valley.
  • Hassle Free Ordering Method
    We schedule our customer service personnel to remind you about your delivery and help you to place order, Besides placing order through calling us or CUPWATER.com, we also provide Fax, SMS and Email ordering method for the convenience of all our customers.
  • Hassle Free Storage Service
    We provide storage service for customer who purchased our stock in advance or do not have enough storage space.

Our Core Value

  • Focus on customer
    Being a customer centered company, we realize that customers are the most important aspect that affects our company. To continuous deliver excellent service to customer, our company has invested largely in IT which is the key to enable us monitor and track our customers.
  • Promote Teamwork
    Our company understand that to achieve our goal, teamwork is a crucial part. So, we have established a community "Mutual Trust and Respect (MTR)"