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Cup Water

Easy, clean and convenient water in a cup. Jantzen Cupwater is designed and made to become the most convenient beverage to serve guests. Each cup comes sealed to prevent water from leaking and straws attached to the side of each cup meant for customers' convenient. No more hassle to look for packets of straws anymore where hygienic individual packed straws are there whenever you need them.

Pet Bottle

Made with the care of the environment in mind, Jantzen 500mL and 1500mL PET Eco bottle water is molded with 15% less plastic which makes it greener than other bottle water in the market. In addition to being green, Jantzen's Eco bottle is also designed ergonomically for users to have a better grip when drinking and also feels less strain when carrying these bottles in their hands for a long period of time.

6 Litre

This large bottle of water is made particular for users who consume large amount of water, either for function, events or just normal personal use. Specialty for this product lies within its cap as it is able to twist and open like any ordinary bottle water for easy consumption, or it can also be used on a water dispenser due to its special cap to provide the convenience hot and cold water, hassle free with less weight to carry while loading compared to its elder brother the 19 Liters.

19 Litre

19 liter bottle water is meant to be used together with water dispensers, besides providing clean and fresh water, Jantzen 19 liters comes with abundance of service that ranges from automatic replenishment of water to a hassle free delivery service and friendly customer service.