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Jantzen EarthThe Earth is made up of more than 70% water. What makes water important is the fact that all living, breathing organism in this planet requires water as part of their main survival needs to hydrate themselves. For humans, water plays a critical part in many bodily function. Do you know that our blood consist of 92% water, whereas, human muscles and brain are made out of 75% water. Some functions carried out by water in the human body includes, to help our body flush impurities, regulate temperature, convert food to energy and absorb nutrients.

Thirst, lethargy, lower back pain and headaches are just a few of the symptoms you may experience when your water intake is inadequate. Physicians recommend at least 8 glasses of water per day. But If you work out or if you drink caffeinated beverages, that number can increase by 4 to 8 more glasses. Strange as it seems, your body becomes dehydrated before you get thirsty. It is best to drink water throughout the day to stay ahead of dehydration. On the other hand, Increased water consumption aids in losing weight and may help prevent dry skin and wrinkles.

Jantzen Water

Jantzen Water

JANTZEN processes its water through advanced methods that filter water by forcing it under pressure through a special semi-permeable membrane which only draw water molecules and remove dissolved impurities. This technology called Reverse Osmosis (RO). Even after this Reverse Osmosis process, Jantzen water is then further treated with UV light to sanitize the water before neutralizing its pH to provide a safe, pure and fresh tasting drinking water to our customers. Jantzen strive to produce the highest quality of drinking water in Malaysia.

Benefits of RO water

Jantzen WaterReverse Osmosis gives the purest and cleanest drinking water, 0.0001 micron membranes filter out Jantzen water that could give you:

  • Better health. Cleansing and detoxifying the circulation system of your body.
  • The best tasting tea and coffee. Release the true flavor and aroma of your favorite coffee powder or tea.
  • All your cooking. Pasta, broths, soups, stews, etc. - tastes so much better.
  • Pure water is better for preparing baby food. When you boil Jantzen pure water to prepare baby food you can rest assured that your baby is getting the best.
  • Skin care. Only the purest water will help fight impurities and ensure the deep-cleaning so essential in skin care.
  • Ice cubes. Crystal clear and pure, ice cubes made from Jantzen pure water do not alter the taste of your drinks.
  • Easy on kitchenware. Kettles, cappuccino machines, irons, etc., never clog up when you use Jantzen water.
  • Your indoor plants will benefit from the complete lack of the harmful salts, chemicals and other additives found in tap water.

Other types of water

Types of water

Mineral water

Mineral water usually comes from an underground source. Water from this source is likely to be contaminated with undesirable inorganic minerals and impurities. We believe that food should be the proper source of minerals not water. In addition, much of the minerals found in mineral water are inorganic minerals and cannot be used in the physiological process of cell building. Most of these minerals cannot be utilized or excreted but are stored in the human body, which could be harmful for us in the future.